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Modern dentistry has come a long way, especially in the last decade. We’ve seen tremendous advancements in materials and enhanced techniques; most of these improvements are designed to allow nature’s flaws to be corrected with amazing speed and outstanding results. Every tool and material we use is less invasive and more comfortable than dental techniques used in the past. Since this directly impacts you; we thought you might like to know more!

Here are a few things that we know you’ll like:

dental chairside scanner
The 3M Lava Chairside Scanner (learn more):
Yes, it has a long name, but our scanner is one of the most exciting pieces of technology invented within the past few years. If you’ve ever had impressions taken of your teeth for dental work (we routinely take impressions for crown and bridge restorations, and if you’ve ever had braces, you’ve certainly had impressions), you’ll remember the sloppy, goopy mess you were expected to hold in your mouth until further notice. Impression trays have a tendency to induce a gagging reflex in many people. Consider them a relic from the past! Gone are the trays full of impression material. Now we simply take a quick scan of the inside of your mouth with our computerized sensor and you’re on your way. No gagging, no trays, no breathing through your nose and hoping for the best; we’re the first dental office in Worcester County to have this technology and so far our patients love it. We think you will, too.

digital x-rays
Digital X-Rays (learn more):
Once upon a time everyone in the dental office took X-Rays…and we waited and waited for them to develop. In fact, the time spent waiting on, developing and mounting X-Rays kept our patients from quickly going on to other things. Enter the Digital Age! We now use Digital technology to create your radiographs. Not only are they faster to produce, but we can also enhance the images on our monitor screens to see even more detail of your mouth, aiding in the diagnostic process. Digital radiographs also reduce your radiation exposure by up to 90% over traditional method. 

demand force
As technology has progressed, so has communication. We have new and exciting ways to keep in touch with our patients and DemandForce is just one of them. Would you prefer an e-mail or text reminder over a phone call confirmation? We’ve got you covered. Would you like to tell us how we’re doing? DemandForce will send you a survey after your visit. Everything we’re learning from you drives our decisions and the way we do business. So keep the comments coming! At Holden Dental Care, your feedback is one of the most valuable tools we utilize.

diagnodent dental tool
Diagnodent (learn more):
The Diagnodent is, in our opinion, one of the most useful inventions of the decade. It’s essentially a cavity detector that determines tooth density with a focused laser beam. Natural tooth structure is extremely hard and strong. The Diagnodent locates and identifies tooth surfaces that are less dense than they should be; the softer tooth structure is decayed. The Diagnodent has changed the way we practice dentistry, in that we can now with complete certainty know that your tooth has a hidden cavity…and we can act appropriately. What freedom! The Diagnodent allows us to diagnose and treat your cavities before they become root canals or crowns. We can also use it to be certain no decay is present when we place sealants on your child’s teeth. When it comes to prevention, we think that’s one smart tool.

STA machine
S.T.A. (learn more):
S.T.A., or single tooth anesthesia, is a new technology that has allowed us to pack our needles and syringes away in an effort to give you a better experience. The STA is a device that delivers a continuous stream of anesthetic to your mouth for a fast and profound sensation of numbness that is localized to the area needed. Because the anesthetic delivery is controlled, you won’t feel the burning sensation normally associated with injections. It also reduces over-numbing, so you can get on with your life with reduced impact after a dental appointment. Our patients say, “That’s the best shot I’ve ever had!”; we couldn’t agree more. Ask us about S.T.A. today.

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